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Greek Islands and Turkish Delights   
June 2016

Greece and Turkey

Pros: Intimacy of the smaller ship, personal recognition, better service.
Cons: No balcony in the staterooms.

Greek Islands   
October 2016

Greek Islands

Pros: Ship was in excellent condition. Food was fabulous. Accommodations were very good. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Tours were well organized.
Cons: Use of the wifi was sold in packages were not convenient if you just wanted limited usage. Network for TV viewing was very sporadic. Needs to be updated with latest technology. Unfortunately this ship did not have cabin balconies which would have been great as you sail past the islands.

It would be really hard to top this one!   
March 2014

Barbados and the Grenadines

Pros: Small ship! Nicely appointed suites; exceptionally attentive service, great food.
Cons: Hard to find one, but if you're looking for lots of evening entertainment, you won't find it here.

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