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Superb experience   
May 2019

Japan and South Korea

Pros: Interesting excursions, great staff onboard
Cons: None

Excellent Itinerary   
May 2019

Japan and South Korea

Pros: Exceeded our expectations for interesting port visits.
Cons: Many excursions were more strenuous than advertised.

November 2019

Pacific coast of Chile from Valparaiso to Ushaia

Pros: Expedition staff
Cons: Mediocre wine served; poor quality of piano in lounge and uninteresting sugar free desserts.

Lisbon expedition   
May 2015

Portugal, Spain, France

Pros: great room and butler,food was teriffice(save for fish),SPA small but good
Cons: small ship, service at night spotty,one excusrsion awful, and two Fr tour gisues unbearable

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