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Finland is full of interesting contrasts, such as the four seasons, the midnight sun and the period of darkness, urban and rural, East and West - you name it.

It's truly amazing how uniquely exotic each season can be. Four times a year, nature changes its uniform completely - color, light, temperature, sounds and smells. Everything changes in a way that happens nowhere else.

The first impression you get, looking out from the window of the plane, is that there are a lot of trees. An endless carpet of forest, with lakes in between. And a few small farms and small towns. So it's kind of a surprise when you land in Helsinki to find that the airport is so modern and efficient. Not a polar bear in sight.

You'll have a few more surprises as you travel around the country. Meeting a herd of reindeer in Lapland. Sailing among thousands of islands in the archipelago, or on one of thousands of lakes in eastern Finland. The endless days of summer and the endless nights of winter.

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