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In Canada, every season offers distinct experiences like viewing the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis) that are as fleeting as they are exhilarating. Plan ahead to ensure you won't miss that first sip of the season's Merlot on a sun-drenched autumn Okanagan afternoon. Or icebergs the size of office buildings afloat off the coast of Newfoundland in summer. Ever dream of watching a fierce West Coast winter storm (think six-meter swells) on Tofino's endless beach from the comfort of your luxury cabin?

Revitalize Yourself, Inside and Out

Canada offers endless opportunities to refresh your body, mind and spirit. With a rush of excitement, the chopper arrives to whisk you back from your heli-hiking adventure to soak in the resort's hot tub. Laughing as the spray hits your face from billions of tons of water rushing over thundering Niagara Falls right above you. Perched on your yoga mat on a rock ledge overlooking a silent valley snuggled between majestic peaks. Leave a little bit of your soul in Canada.

Create New Stories

Enjoy the romance of Québec City's stone walls, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore frontier forts still bearing historic battle scars. Touch the spirit of First Nations cultures as you enter your tipi. Dance to the rhythms of Gaelic music pouring from every Maritime household. Ride high in the saddle as you drive cattle across a tangerine prairie sunset. Whether you cover a few hundred years of history or a few million, you'll never hear the same story twice.

Luxury's New Frontier

You've heard about Canada’s breathtaking wilderness - from alpine and arctic grandeur to serene lakes and lush rainforests. Imagine exploring this fantastically rugged and remote landscape and encountering its myriad wildlife, then relaxing in 5-star comfort. Canada's luxury wilderness lodges offer you the best of both worlds - authentic adventure and pampered bliss in spectacular and remote settings.

Journey into the Wild

Canada offers unforgettable encounters with nature that will fire both your senses and imagination. Get so close to the mammoth blue whales of the St. Lawrence or the magnificent orcas off BC's Vancouver Island that you can taste their salty spray on your lips. Or feel the powerful current as you raft down the mighty Nahanni River, the world's first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Smell the wildflowers blooming along a high alpine trail in one of the renowned national parks.

Discover Wilderness Right on your Doorstep

Explore rugged woodland, tranquil islands, secluded beaches and scenic mountains in the heart of the cosmopolitan cities. In Vancouver, watch ducks land on serene Lost Lagoon, bike through Pacific Spirit Park, or visit a Chinatown herbalist. Enter an ancient Aboriginal assembly ground in the middle of Winnipeg's entertainment hub. Dine on gourmet French cuisine in Regina, charbroiled muskox in Dawson City, or comedy in Halifax. Just don't forget to pack hiking shoes along with your dancing shoes.

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