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Its Portuguese heritage has created a fusion that combines European, African, Indian and Chinese elements. And where else in the world can you make an incense offering at an ancient Chinese Buddhist temple in the morning, jump off the world’s highest bungee tower in the afternoon, eat a Michelin-starred meal in the evening with a bottle of Portuguese vino, don your finest for a glitzy show and then pull up a plastic stool for some Chinese street food as a midnight snack?

Macao - located on the western bank of China's Pearl River Delta in the southern Guangdong Province, Macao adjoins the Mainland city of Zhuhai and lies about 35 miles west of Hong Kong. Macao comprises a peninsula and two islands: Taipa and Coloane. Macao Peninsula is the hub of the territory and is connected to Taipa Island by three road bridges. Several large international hotel resorts - with new supporting infrastructure - are located on the reclaimed land between Taipa and Coloane in the newly developed district known as Cotai.